Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Earth Day Mosaic Project

While cruising around the web I stumbled upon an interesting idea. The Earth Mosaic project was something I wanted to be a part of. I submitted two photos which were taken on Earth Day in my backyard, which were to be made into a worldwide photo mosaic.
The mosaic is complete (1630 images from around the globe) and you can view it here!
I searched far and wide and found my flower photo (it's up near Alaska), but I am still searching for Lucy's picture. Where in the world is Lucy? She could be floating in the Atlantic Ocean for all I know, at least she's a good swimmer!
My latest addition to my card shop on Etsy is a set of four blank notecards made with my Earth Day flower image, titled "California Sunshine" available for $12.00. My flowers may be fading, but I'll forever have this beautiful image!

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Michele said...

Love the Earth Day mosaic... and I DID see your flower... very cool! One of these days I need to set up an Etsy shop of my own and see how I do. Hope you're having a great weekend! ~Michele