Saturday, April 11, 2009

San Clemente Beach Trail

The San Clemente Beach Trail which spans the coastline as a walking/biking trail while giving you breathtaking views of the ocean is one of my favorite walks. If you start at North Beach and continue to the end at Calafia and back it's a 4.6 mile trip. While on the trail you'll encounter lots of other dogs, bicyclists, locals, and tourists. People watching at it's best, plus the cool ocean breeze on your face! On our walk today I saw a lady with a beautiful macaw, a girl on a beach cruiser with a puppy in her basket (reminded me of Toto), and a teenager playing a ukulele on the beach. Enjoy my photo journey along the white sand beaches of San Clemente!

The girls can't wait to get there!

Our starting and ending point

An elevated platform that runs parallel to the train tracks keeps you safe while giving you an awesome view of San Clemente Pier.

Almost to the turn around point.

A San Clemente lifeguard on his watch, not a bad job!

My son on his training run, puts me to shame with a little 10 mile run!

Two tired dogs heading back to the car!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Palm Trees grow in Georgia

I've been making mosaic Aloha signs for quite awhile and am always searching for the perfect focal piece. Last summer I received a surprise gift package in the mail from Atlanta. I love surprises and was thrilled to find the box full of beautiful "California inspired" ceramic focal pieces! You may wonder who is the artist behind the palm trees and surfboards?

My Etsy friend and fellow mosaic artist Kathleen of Artsyhandpaints. Here is my first finished piece using her "Georgia-grown" palm tree. I can't wait to get started with the rest of them! If you are looking for the perfect focal for your next mosaic, head over to Kathleen's shop where you'll find these beautiful handpainted flowers!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I am the Lizard Whisperer

I was sitting at the park the other day, enjoying the warm spring day, watching the kids play when I felt something crawl into my I did not scream...but just stood up and brushed off Mr. Lizard. This brazen lizard is common around here, he's called a California Alligator Lizard. Why he decided to make himself cozy in my lap I have no idea...but I feel lucky to have had such a close encounter with this amazing creature. He hung out for awhile and if I came too close he'd give me a menacing hiss...then he slinked away into the bushes. As a mother of two boys, I don't get the heebie-jeebies when it comes to reptiles. My son has a really cute leopard gecko and I've even had a giant boa constrictor come to my house for a birthday party!