Thursday, September 3, 2009

Turning trash into art

I am not a wasteful person, I try my best to keep my regular trash can empty and my recycle can full. My eco-awareness spills over into my art. If I can find a way to make something new, you can bet I will.
Remember Iris, the old broken clock? Or her offspring...who used to be croquet balls?
My latest art pieces both are an example of upcycling.

"Freckled Legs" came from an old 70's coffee table I found one day while driving down the street. The top couldn't be saved but I salvaged all four legs. A bit of sanding and filling in the holes where the screws once were and they were on their way to a new life. A few coats of black paint finished off with white "freckles" and voila! At the moment they look stunning on my mantle but if you really want them visit my etsy shop they're for sale!
"Thirsty" came from my collection of plastic beverage lids I had started awhile back. I played around with different ideas and designs and decided to go with a simple pattern with a black grout. As one twiiter friend described as "not pop art, but lid art"!
"Thirsty" would look really cool in a modern decor, it's also for sale in my shop.
What's next??? The kids are soon back in school so I'll have more time to create new things in my studio...stay tuned!