Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dog Blog

The weather this week was so nice that I had to spend some good quality time with my dog enjoying the sunshine! Buster and his gal pal Nikko enjoyed it too!
We made a stop at Buster's favorite spot where he could sniff the wonderful park smells. Buster is an older gentlemen (he's turning eight soon) and Nikko is still a young pup. He adores her!

I almost joined the gym this month, but I've decided that it's not for me. Why do I want to work out in a sweaty, crowded building when I can walk my dog and enjoy the beautiful ocean views!
I didn't start any new projects this week, but I have lots of fresh ideas. Hmmm...could Buster be the inspiration for what's coming next? Stay tuned to find out!
"Hey Buster, how do you keep your teeth so white?"

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Swimmy leaves for NYC!

One of my favorite things about being a part of Etsy are the really fun projects that you can participate in! In a recent Storque article, Etsy was compared to the book "Swimmy". Etsy is the eye, and all the sellers are the other fish that come together to make one large fish. If you're not familiar with the book, it's a must read!

As part of a large collaborative Etsy community project, each seller was asked to make their own orange fish. If you go here: you can view a slide show of other swimmys.

I decided to make my swimmy using torn magazine pages to create a mosaic. I found the perfect page with a close up view of an orange. This was would represent where I'm from, Orange County. Next I searched for a beautiful eye, and luscious lips. She turned out so cute! Now she's on her way to the big apple to join all of her new friends in the Underwater Diorama at Etsy!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rock Hounds

I'm a complete freak about rocks! I remember collecting buckets of rocks when I was little. I asked for a rock polisher for Christmas every year. It never came. My kids did get one though. We hooked it up, put in our rocks and turned it on. Now I realize why my parents never bought me one. Two weeks of constant tumbling noise is not a pleasant thing!
I still have a love for rocks. I love to take my kids to the tide pools and explore. Sometimes we find a beautiful seastar among the rocks. This was my inspiration for creating "rock star". I've had the wooden starfish hanging around for a few years. I had planned on making it into a mosaic piece with stained glass or tessarae. Using pebbles gave it a more natural look, and added so much texture. I'm working on a new project using pebbles. It's been a fun new medium to play with!