Friday, September 26, 2008

I just got tagged!

Nancy from ManicforMosaics just tagged me so here I go!
If you have been tagged just follow these rules, it's fun!

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1. I used to have a HUGE fear of they're my friends and if I find one in my house, I'll move it outside.
2. I have a crush on Kevin Bacon, he's the only man I'd leave my husband for!
3. I still see my childhood friends quite often and treasure every moment.
4. My lifelong dream is to write a children's book.
5. The Amazing Race is one of my favorite shows...I'd love to do it!
6. I hate to shop in malls, but love to shop in thrift stores or on Etsy!
7. I've had two jobs in my life where I got paid to lay on the beach.

Here's who I'm tagging:


LSK Crochet


Mary Richmond Design

Natalie Baca

Boxing Day


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eye have an idea...

Originally uploaded by smashgirl
I dug into the 129 eyes that Jennifer sent me and have started working on the offspring of Iris (my Why mosaic). I grabbed some old croquet balls that were headed to the trash and had an "aha" moment. They were just perfect for my new creations! This is my first one, I've named him Ivan. In the works are his siblings, Ivy, Issac, Irene, and Ida. Time to rub some grout in my eyes...eye'll be posting finished pictures soon!