Monday, March 30, 2009

Smashgirl goes to Sarah's Smash Shack

I just spent the day in San Diego celebrating my birthday with my friends. We took the Amtrak down from the OC and had a fun day eating lunch and shopping together. A couple of my friends had to catch an earlier train home so Debbie and I went on the hunt for Sarah's Smash Shack. I had heard about this place from one of my mosaic friends and thought it would be a perfect ending to my day of celebration. Smashing things? Right up my alley! When you first arrive you're given a menu of plates and dishes. After picking your items to smash, Sarah gets you suited up in protective gear...a really cute red jumpsuit, work gloves and the best part the menacing looking full face shield! We didn't have our ipods with us so Sarah picked some smashing music for us and we entered our room. Bold black and white checkered walls, us in our red suits and helmets, and rocking music playing...we were giddy! We had picked these pretty little ceramic heart dishes and were given sharpies to write on them...very fun! This would be a perfect place to come after a bad breakup!
Sarah and Ed, owner's of Sarah's Smash Shack

Debbie bought the souvenior box for our broken hearts and Sarah and Ed kindly donated a box of broken shards to me which I proudly carried home. I can't wait to make something with them! So if you're ever in the San Diego area don't miss Sarah's Smash Shack, and don't forget to tell her smashgirl sent you! Will there be more smash shacks in the future? I hope so...and Sarah if you decide to open one in the OC and need an experienced "smasher" to work there I think I'd be perfect for the job!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spreading my wings

Spring has a certain energy about it...time for new life in the animal kingdom, new blossoms in the garden and a new shop for me! I've been eyeing 1000 markets for awhile and have been thinking about putting my art in another handmade venue. I adore Etsy and love being a part of it but sometimes I feel that my shop gets lost in the crowd. 1000 markets has a different feel to it, like a small town vs. a large city. Each individual market is unique and original. The photo layout is nice on the eyes, and the people are welcoming. One of my favorite features is "the wall" where you can post comments. I also have a blog in my shop where I'll be posting, so take a stroll on over and say hello!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

I'm honored to have received the Kreativ Blogger Award from the infamous and oh so talented Raven from Dirty Pretty Things to Ponder (a blog I couldn't live without)!
I now must list 7 things that I LOVE!
1. Coffee!!!-The first thing I think about when I wake up each day.
2. Lucy-If you read my blog then of course you know how much I adore her!
3. My Family-Great husband, awesome kids...who could ask for more?
4. Kevin Bacon-my secret crush is not a secret, I tell anyone who cares to listen
5. Thai Food-Hot and Spicy please!
6. Paris-This is the place that stole my dream is to visit for an extended period of
time...possibly forever!
7. The Ocean-the smell of it, the visual beauty of it...and it's something I get to experience daily on my walks! I'm a lucky girl!
Passing on the Kreativ Blogger Award to these bloggers!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Memories of my Mom

March 11th is quickly approaching and I'm filled with first born son is turning 15...and sadness because my Mom would've been 74. It's been over 5 years since she lost her life to lung cancer and I do think time does heal a lot of the pain, but I still have a hard time dealing with her birthday. I treasure the memories I have of her and cherish her things that I keep tucked away.
One of my favorite things is her charm bracelet. Each time I hold it I can hear her voice telling me when I was a little girl about each charm and the significance of each one. I also have her wedding band that she wore for over 40 years.

And tucked away in a little box I have a tiny piece of her. .. a lock of her baby hair tied with a tiny piece of satin ribbon that her mother had saved. A story that my Mom told me over and of my favorites...was about her Mom cutting off her long hair when she was 11. It was very traumatic for her since she had long hair her whole childhood. My grandmother was tired of hearing her whine while brushing the tangles out, so one day she braided her hair, tied the ends with some pale blue ribbon and proceeded to chop them off! My Mom saved those braids in a box her whole life...and never grew her hair out again. When my Mom was in her final days her urgent wish was for me to find those braids so she could send them to Locks of Love. I did find them after a frantic search through her house and I sometimes wonder what little girl is wearing the wig made from my Mom's braids and wish she knew how special and loved that hair was. My Mom was a special woman, always thinking of others even till the end of her life. Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!