Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cool Blogs from Cool people

When it comes to reading other people's blogs it can be overwhelming. There must be millions of blogs on the web! Sometimes I search by subject, or find new blogs in a forum...I don't always have time to read them so I'll save it in a bookmark for later. I just finished looking through my bookmarks and have recently updated my favorite blogs list (on my sidebar) and thought I'd share some cool blog reads that I found interesting.

If you want to read about celebrity gossip and judge for yourself if Christina Aguilera's boobs are real or not then read Freaky Friday...Christina Aguilera by RavenX. Her blog "Dirty Pretty Things to Ponder" is filled with fun little Hollywood tidbits, and fashion trends. Don't miss her article about the Heel-Less Wonders , how do they walk in them??? I'm still pondering that one!

Another blog I stumbled upon on flickr was The Knitting Blog-by Mr. Puffy the Dog. Being a dog lover I first was pulled in by Mr. Puffy the beagle...but soon discovered that Mr. Puffy's Mom is a fantastic knitter. Hanging in the OC showcases her beautiful knitwork...and of course Mr. Puffy does some modeling too! Be sure to check out My Retro-Fitted Skirt !

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Table Transformations

I'm driving down the street through my neighborhood and out of the corner of my eye I see it...that old discarded table sitting on the curb. Quickly I pop the trunk and send my kids out to heave it into my car...and as I head for home I start thinking of the makeover this table will receive. A little sanding...some paint...and of course a mosaic on the top will make it beautiful!

The thing that attracts me the most about a table are it's legs. I love the funky shapes and styles from the 70's. My recent find had really attractive legs but the table itself was beyond repair. I decided to take the legs and use them for my next project. So I'd like to thank everyone who leaves their old junky tables next to...not inside...their trash cans. You are a mosaic artist's best friend!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

We love Cindy!

Originally uploaded by smashgirl
Lucy and I are big fans of Cindy Alexander. She's an amazing Indie Artist. About 5 years ago, I went to see the Bacon Brothers...Kevin and his brother Michael have a band. The opening act was Cindy Alexander. I loved her voice and her songs so I bought a CD that night. My Mom had recently passed away and Cindy's music became like therapy for me. Her songs made me cry, they made me laugh and I became an instant fan. In fact when I am working on my art you'll find that Cindy's songs are my music of choice. She's inspirational! If you'd like to hear her music go to, one of my favorite songs is Idiot Child.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm featured on Cuteable!

I have always been an admirer of the Cuteable blog so I was thrilled to find out that my "Welcome with a Cherry on Top" Sign is featured today! Cuteable is a Monday through Friday collection of anything cute from sellers on the internet. Check in often to find the cutest things on the web!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Etsy Friends

Etsy is more than just a place to sell my artwork, it started out that way but I soon discovered the forums. The forums are the social backbone of Etsy. Think of it as the neighborhood hangout or town center where all the Etsians meet. I hooked up with a group of fellow mosaic artists and soon started chatting on a daily basis. Virtual friendships developed as we all began to share not only tips and pictures of our artwork, but the daily going-ons of our personal lives. It's really strange when you get to know someone only by typing on a keyboard, yet I really felt like I got to know my virtual friends.
When Jennifer aka Cowgirl Jen of RockcandyMosaics mentioned that she was planning at trip to California (she lives in St. Louis) I thought it would be fun to meet her face to face. So I soon crashed her romantic anniversary vacation with her husband and planned to meet her. As I drove down to Carlsbad to our designated spot, the windmill next to the 5 fwy, I have to admit I was a wee bit nervous.
As soon I saw her it all melted away and I felt like I'd known her for years!
Of course I had to bring Iris...I almost think Jennifer was more excited to meet her! For the next hour or so we talked and talked and talked about sooooo many things...and to think I was worried that I wouldn't know what to say!
Jennifer was my anonymous prankster who had sent me the 129 eyeballs a few months back, so it was only fitting that she should receive my very first eyeball mosaic...Ivan.
I have to give thanks to her husband, Chuck for making this happen, and as promised next time he'll get a surf lesson from my husband!
Ivan is now in St. Louis and enjoying life on Jennifer's windowsill!