Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Daddy bought me a horse!

Every girl's dream is to have a horse of their very own and my Daddy made that dream come true...and for that Dad, I thank you! Look at me...4 years old sitting atop my beloved Dandy Patch...the envy of all my friends. Now you may be thinking that I was a spoiled little brat whose Dad forked out a bundle of cash for this horse. You are WRONG!!! Will you believe me when I tell you that my Dad paid $2.00 for this dandy horse? True...he bought a raffle ticket from a friend and won this horse I'm sitting atop! I used this picture to make a card for my Dad for Father's Day. While talking to him on the phone, he reminded me what a crazy horse this was that bucked and wouldn't cross the railroad tracks near the stables. I didn't care...he was my Dad was a hero...and I'll forever be able to tell anyone that cares to listen, "My Dad's the best because he bought me a horse!" Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Spoiled Princess

It's been almost a year since Lucy came into our lives, and she has become the princess of the house. I have no daughters so I can see why she gets to reap the rewards of being the only girl in a house of testosterone!
When we lost Buster I wasn't so sure that getting another dog would fill the void in our hearts, but I was so wrong! Lucy has nothing but pure love to spread and made us all smile again. So why wouldn't we spoil her rotten? She deserves it!
I know the family that moved away and had to make that heart-wrenching decision to leave her with us must miss her dearly but I can't thank you enough for giving our family sweet, sweet Lucy!