Monday, July 26, 2010

Eco Artist Extraordinaire Mary Anne Enriquez

Mary Anne Enriquez aka Urban Woodswalker is an amazing artist that I admire.  Her passion for the environment and her creative mind unite to turn what others would consider trash into unique and beautiful  jewelry, art, and fashion.

 She recently entered and won the Grand Prize for the "Save My Oceans Upcycle Contest"  with her Upcycled Fused Plastic Bag Coat. She worked tirelessly for one month cutting and fusing plastic bags together to create the coat. 

                                   This IS Globalization Trash Chaos Vessel
Mary Anne has found a way to de-clutter her countertops from the endless barrage of junk mail. Using recycled magazines and junk mail, she created a "trash chaos vessel". It's now a beautiful and useful piece of art.  
Aluminum cans become her beads for this unique one-of-a-kind necklace. You can find more of her jewelry in her Etsy shop Urban Woodswalker. To view the gallery of her portfolio visit her Flickr page, you'll be amazed at how beautiful trash can become! 

Friday, July 16, 2010

B.Y.O.B. No Excuses!

I have to admit that when I decided to make the switch over from using plastic grocery bags to bringing my own it took awhile to get into the habit. I would forget to put them in the car...or walk into the store and remember as I was in the checkout line. We do get spoiled with the convenience of the store taking care of this need But who pays the price?
Did you know that approximately 1 BILLION seabirds and mammals die per year by ingesting plastic bags? Unfortunately these bags which can catch the air like a balloon can travel for miles and eventually end up in our oceans, lakes and streams all over the world.
Grocery stores are trying to help us by offering their own eco-friendly bags for purchase. I do see some people bringing their own bags, but I don't think the majority of people will until they Ban the Plastic Bags.

It's easier than you think to B.Y.O.B. to the stores! Here's some tips to get you started.
Tip #1 - Look through your closets, you may already have some canvas bags around the house. Throw them in your trunk so they're ready when you need them.
Tip #2 - If you live close to a Trader Joe's, take your bags there for your first time. They will enthusiastically welcome you and your bags and even throw your name into a raffle!
Tip # 3 - Buy a Chico Bag. This was my very first re-usable bag I bought. It cost around $5 but has been worth every penny. I've had this for over 2 years and it's still going strong...small, compact, fits in your purse or clips on your belt...genius!
Tip- # 4- Ignore the rude cashiers that seem annoyed that it takes longer to pack your groceries in your re-usable bag. It may slow up their line, but you are doing a good thing!

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Work In Progress "Breaking Free"

It's a big year of change for heart and soul went into this piece. I'll be adding more chains to my heart...some broken, some still attached. Moving on to the next phase of my life, where my heart will be surrounded with bright happiness, peace and joy! I'll post pics after grouting.