Sunday, February 21, 2010

Seriously Cool

Seriously Cool
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While out on the hunt for plates these boots caught my eye...I just had to buy them. The first thing that popped into my head was "These look like something I could see Johnny Depp wearing."
They are so outrageous...and whomever last owned them...maybe it was Johnny Depp...wore them. I tried them on, walked around the house in them...they are seriously comfortable...and seriously cool don't you think?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flashback to the 1970's

My brother just sent me these photos from our childhood...he must be having 70's flashbacks as well. It's funny how when you think back to your childhood, you can recall your home furnishings. Time goes by, the decor changes, the things leave the house...but they never leave your brain. Maybe some of those things should, like our Bicentennial print couch I grew up with. I remember when my Mom decided to reupholster the couch...she was so excited and thrilled with it, and it certainly was the focal point of our living room. It was adorned with crocheted pillows that my grandma made...loved those pillows! I can remember the smell of them and the texture...they were comforting to me.

I found this collectible Log Cabin bottle on Etsy. I remember using this on my pancakes that my Mom would make for me every weekend. Pancakes on Saturdays, Waffles on Sundays...we must of had hundreds of these that year.

Browse through Etsy Vintage and you just might find something from your past that brings back some memories!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Childhood Friends

I admit it...I was obsessed with Barbie Dolls. I spent hours,days,weeks, and months playing with Barbie and her gang. My dream was to own her "Dream House", but Santa never delivered...I eventually stopped believing in the guy. If he was determined to leave my dolls in a homeless state, then heck with him! Luckily, my Mom (she was the best!) came to the rescue...probably after years of tears from me, and built a humble abode for my dolls. Ok, it wasn't exactly the "Dream House", she made it from cardboard boxes, but it was functional and cute, and I was happy. She added real carpet, funky wallpaper, cut out windows and even hand-sewed custom drapes. Barbie had a pad...and it was luxurious compared to the "Dream House". Barbie and Ken could roll around on "real" shag carpeting, and close the curtains so the nosy neighbors couldn't get a peep show.
Barbie was cool, but my favorite doll was Leggy Jill. She had long legs, long blonde hair and she was hip. You may wonder why this nostalgic post? I recently parted ways with my childhood friends. They gave me many years of joy and companionship, but it was time to part. So off to Ebay land they went and will now continue their days with new owners. Goodbye Leggy, Adios Barbie, Au Revoir Ken you handsome devil!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Have a Stalker!

I was so excited to find out I'm being stalked! Not by a creepy, obsessive Etsy Stalker named Violet. She's harmless, so not to worry my friends. Her posting today is called, "Mosaics: Picking up the Pieces". I feel honored to be included in her beautiful, eclectic collection of mosaics made by Etsy arists. You can see my "Bali Bowl" in all it's glory at
Be sure to check out all the various mosaic methods showcased in her blog article. The materials to make mosaics vary from plates(like mine) to fabric and pretty much anything you can think of. Feel free to stalk my shop anytime!