Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I think I hear the Ice Cream Man!

One of my fondest childhood memories of summer is that magical tinny sound of "Pop Goes the Weasel" coming around the corner. My brother and I would dash through the screen door at lightening speed to shake out some change from my Mom. Our biggest fear was that no kids on our street would flag him down and we'd run outside only to see the back of his truck turning the corner. It seemed like the end of the world as kids!
These days my neighborhood has no stickered singing trucks driving through and I feel a little sad for my kids that they don't get to enjoy the thrill of the Ice Cream Man. Where did he go? Did he trade in his truck and start working at Cold Stone? Maybe the price of gas shut down his business? Does he still come to your neighborhood?

Monday, August 18, 2008

I Love Lucy!

Meet Lucy, our newest family member! Adorable, sweet and loving she has brought so much joy into our house. After the loss of Buster, we really knew the kids needed another dog. Our house was too quiet, lonely, and sad. We missed the click-clack of doggy nails coming to greet us at the door, and the wet doggy kisses.

Lucy is a great dog with such a loving personality! Her family made a tough decision to find a new home for her when they decided to make a cross country move. We were the lucky ones to become her new family. Thanks to Dawn and her family for giving us a new best friend and companion!
WE love Lucy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Featured Etsy Shop~Flowering Moon Designs

Joanne of Flowering Moon Designs has a self proclaimed obsession with glass. It is her medium of choice when it comes to making mosaics. I just love the garden stones that she creates! The beautiful iridescent glass shimmers and shines in the sunlight. What a gorgeous piece of artwork to have in your garden beds. I'm not the only one who loves these...the Etsy shoppers have cleaned her out and this is the last one available! What a steal at only $16.00!

Another signature design of hers are these beautiful and useful mosaic wall hooks. Everyone could use one of these in their house to hold keys, or your dog's leash. Art with a purpose, you got to love it! Again she's used those beautiful iridescent pieces of glass that catch the light.

For all of the musicians out there that are looking for some unique artwork, take a look at this mosaic guitar she created for an EMA (Etsy Mosaic Artists) challenge earlier this year, titled "Dragonfly Medley". Joanne's husband is a musician and this inspired her to join together her passion for art with his passion for music. What a romantic and beautiful idea! Her husband must really love her since he parted with his mint condition Martin Backpacker guitar! It even comes with the Martin gig bag!

Besides mosaics, Joanne is also an amazing stained glass artist. If you love fairies and angels then you'll love this! This is an inexpensive way to have the feel of a stained glass window in your home!
Joanne will also do custom orders! Be sure to visit
her Etsy shop Flowering Moon Designs to see more of her beautiful art!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Eye Have a Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered my "eye-opening" contest! The correct number of eyes in the jar is 129! The person who guessed the closest was Joanne of Floweringmoon, her guess was 128. Congrats Joanne! She will be my featured Etsy seller! So many of you were very close! Eye had so much fun with this! Now it's time to create some mosaics with all of these eyes. I have started a project...stay tuned for some work in progress pictures, but with 129 eyes I'll have to think of some more ideas. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Only Have Eyes For Etsy Contest

I recently received a package full of eyeballs from a unknown Etsian. The mystery continued as my EMA friends wouldn't reveal the prankster. Why you're asking did someone send me eyes? Why is the "Why" mosaic affectionatley named Iris gave this certain someone the idea. I found out the following day that it was Jen from RockCandyMosaics that sent them to me.
Thanks Jen Jen!

Now, everyone is waiting to see what I'll create with these. While I'm brainstorming some ideas I decided to have a contest for my fellow Etsy sellers .Take a guess of how many eyeballs there's a regular size pasta sauce jar filled with big and small eyes. Whoever comes closest to the correct number will win a feature on my blog!
Leave your guess and shop name in my comments below. The winner will be revealed on August 11th! Good luck and LOOK closely!