Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Etsy Pick of the Day Recap

Check out these great Etsy shops!

A great gift for a boss, teacher or friend!

Pen Pal Sea Glass Pen by Sea Shaped

Spot your luggage easily with this

Lime Green Hippo Suitcase by BrightWall

So cool, so chic...this Paris designer is hot!

Fingerless Gauntlets by Malam

For the modern bride, a beautiful button bouquet...

Puttin' on the Ritz by Really Bad Kitty

I love the modern design of this...

The Greens Cosmetic Pouch by Majkatree

Wouldn't this make a great stocking stuffer?

Soap Snapshot Vegan Friendly by Dennis Anderson

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Etsy Pick of the Day Recap

My dream job is to be an Etsy admin who has the insanely cool job of browsing the Etsy categories and picking their favorites. Until that happens, I'll just make do with tweeting my favorites on Twitter each day. Here's a recap of things that caught my eye!

For those long road trips with the kids in the car, a classic
Car Bingo Game by pilosale
The solution to running with keys in my hand...
"Wrist Cuff Wallet by Mary Zoom
You won't think of junk mail the same...
Rolled Recycled Paper Bead Bib Necklace by ReLoved Designs
Dogs should look pretty for the hoildays ,
"The Yuletide" collar by Lucky Fiona

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Do a Mud Run

10. Remember splashing in mud puddles as a kid? Here's your chance to tune into your inner child and not only splash in them, but crawl through them...something your mother would never let you do!

9. It's a great excuse to start a healthier lifestyle...training for my first one made me realize I LOVE running and now it's a part of my life!

8. Bonding! You'll never be in another situation where total strangers now feel like your closest friends...the common thread of doing a mud run brings people together, now that's cool! Check out my twitter list of fellow OC Mud runners!

7. You may learn new things about yourself...I never thought I was a competitive person, but I've found out I am...passing by other runners is exhilarating, especially if they're men!
6. Halloween comes in any month when there is a mud run...dig out your angel wings and banana suits...you may just win the costume contest!

5. If you're lucky you just might meet a mud run celebrity...I did! James O'Brien is a veteran mud runner and a super nice guy...easy to spot, just look for the man in the suit!

4. You'll have something good to talk about on Monday morning...and you're co-workers will be jealous!

3. Spending your day outdoors, reconnecting with Mother Nature...and Father Mud!

2. You've been putting off cleaning your running shoes...after the mud run, no more procrastinating, my shoes are nice and clean again thanks to the garden hose!

And the number one reason you should do a mud run...because once you try it I promise you'll want to do it again! It's FUN!!!

So now that I've talked you into it, you have plenty of time to start your training...start slow then build up because when April 10th, 2010 rolls around you won't want to be missing out on all the fun at the next Irvine Lake Mud Run! See you there!

Want to see more?
Here's a video from the Irvine Lake Mud Run