Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cool Blogs From Cool People-Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Here are this week's cool blogs!

Thanksgiving is all about family and I found a really cool blog by Stacey Winters full of beautiful photos of family, dogs, and more. Stacey doesn't write much in her posts but she doesn't need to, her pictures say it all! Browse through her posts and don't miss the pie crusts! One of my really cool finds on her blog were the photoscraps that she sells in her Etsy shop!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I searched for some cool blog reads about this glutenous holiday and came across eyepopart's blog . One of the best part's of the Thanksgiving dinner is the "oooh" and "awww" factor as the feast is laid upon the table. Read LeBrie's Felted Thanksgiving Dinner and you'll be blown away at the incredible spread that is completely inedible!
If you read my blog then you already know how much I love make art out of recycled items, and eyepopart is amazing at this! Take a look at For a green Thanksgiving and see the beautiful bowls made from recycled cool!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Old Magazines=New Cards!

While waiting for my mosaic projects to dry I leafed through my favorite Elle magazines for some inspiration...I'm never dissapointed with the beautiful glossy choices to create with! When I spotted this beautiful plum colored page I just knew it would be perfect for my mod tree cards!

Cut into simple spheres, this page became my "Orb notecards". Each one their own color combination but together a beautiful set! Perfect to send a note, a generous 6 1/2 x 5 size with plenty of space to jot your thoughts. Here's an idea from my friend Rita, she loved her handmade card so much she framed it...voila' mini art!

All of these blank notecard sets are now available in my Etsy shop, a perfect gift for your favorite teacher, hostess or friend!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cool Blogs From Cool People

Happy Thursday! Time for sharing more cool blogs!

A knitting magician in Las Vegas? Now that's cool! Check out All Things Tangled and read Send in the Clowns! A magician dating a clown, now posing as a mime??? Only in Vegas! When was the last time you went to a party and saw Liberace and Marilyn Monroe? How cool is that? Read Liberace to find out more! I'm a sock lover, I just have to have my feet cuddled up in socks...even in the summer at night. It's just a comfort thing for me, or maybe it stems from my childhood when my grandma used to send us a new pair of crocheted slippers each Christmas. So when I saw these Christmas socks I just had to add them to my question remains...are they magic socks?

Daily Dream-Daily Doodle is such a cool name for a blog it captured my attention right away! This Etsy seller makes jewelry to drool over...I would like one of everything please (hint: to the family). Read My Brooch and you'll see what I mean...incredible talent! What a surprise to be reading along in her blog and come upon this post titled "Sunday" and say to myself, "Hey, that looks like Dana Point Harbor". Now that's very cool to find out that we are both from the OC! Here's what living in the OC has inspired her to make..."The Citrus Tree Necklace".

Come back next Thursday for more cool blogs!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Which collar should Lucy choose?

Talk about a "lucky dog", Lucy just got picked as this week's official "Friend of Fiona" and won a new custom collar from LuckyFiona on Etsy. I am having a hard time choosing which collar to pick...they all are so cute! We need your help!
Take a look around in her shop and then leave your comment below and next week I'll tally up the votes! Don't miss Lucy's 15 minutes of fame at!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Cool Blogs From Cool People"

There are sooooo many cool blogs , I'm glad that I'll be doing this feature every Thursday so I can share them all with you!

Here's my picks for this week:

Robot Love definitely makes my cool blog list! First off, she has a post titled "That's cool..." where she talks about her purse contents called "Inside Friday". Each week she gives us a picture of what's inside...I don't know if I'd be brave enough to share my purse! It makes you wonder if what you carry in your purse tells a lot about you? I look forward to seeing the evolution of her contents week to week! I also think it's so cool that she has a close relationship with her sister...she mentions her in almost every post! Very cool! Take a look at what they create together, these lovely fabric pears!

There is just something cool about food plushies! So my next pick is Midnight Snack.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, and the expectation of cooking a turkey, I just may have to get a turkey plushie to throw in the oven for the I slink off to the grocery store and buy my pre-ordered turkey dinner! I'm a bit lazy when it comes making the turkey! These super cool turkeys are available on Etsy. What a surprise to find her article, "Trying New Things" and read about her first mosaic project! You know as a mosaic artist I think that is cool and she also talks about my friend Jennifer(who gave me all my eyes) from RockCandyMosaics! Super coolness bonus points!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Cool Blogs from Cool People"

I enjoyed sharing cool blogs so much last week that I am now going to be doing this weekly on Thursdays! I put the word out in the Etsy forums and now have soooo many cool blogs to choose from. Here are this week's cool blogs:

StarryDeborah's blog caught my eye when she mentioned being part of a charity event for children's cancer. It's so hard to watch anyone you love go through a battle with cancer, but I can't imagine having to watch a child deal with it. Deborah took part in the making of an altered book project that will be put up for auction to help raise money for children with cancer. Follow the link in her post to read the touching story behind the book, it will make you hug your kids tight!
Deborah you are one cool woman! Oh, and I love the music on your blog too! Also check out her post, "I've got the Paris Blues" about the city that stole my heart.

Get Palmd is a fun blog to read that's written by a 20 year old girl from Finland. Her blog is filled with hip fashion finds and other random bits from Europe. I was amazed to read about so many American subjects on her blog. Obama for president was a surprise, and "Wanna Be a TV Star?" lets me know that all of the junky reality shows I'm so addictted to are appealing to the Finnish too! The Amazing Race is on my Yes list too!