Sunday, October 26, 2008

Table Transformations

I'm driving down the street through my neighborhood and out of the corner of my eye I see it...that old discarded table sitting on the curb. Quickly I pop the trunk and send my kids out to heave it into my car...and as I head for home I start thinking of the makeover this table will receive. A little sanding...some paint...and of course a mosaic on the top will make it beautiful!

The thing that attracts me the most about a table are it's legs. I love the funky shapes and styles from the 70's. My recent find had really attractive legs but the table itself was beyond repair. I decided to take the legs and use them for my next project. So I'd like to thank everyone who leaves their old junky tables next to...not inside...their trash cans. You are a mosaic artist's best friend!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Your Blog and I love your work.

luthien said...

wow! the tables are awesome! love them :)