Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Girls get Pampered

My friend Jenny and I decided that our white dogs were looking a little dingy so we made plans to take them on a "spa" day to the local doggie shop. Pet Treasures in San Clemente has a U-Wash area for your dogs. Giant tubs that would fit any size dog, nice warm water, shampoo, conditioner, brushes, towels, blowdryer, ear cleaner, doggie colonge and they do all the clean up!

A couple of dirty dogs in need of a bath, first...a stop at Starbucks!
Did you say "bath"???

Clean again!

Best friends!


Cindy said...

Oh those dogs are so adorable! I just want to hug them. Send them a hug for me!

Carol/CMK Sculputures said...

sweet, sweet, doggies. Nothing like a day at the spa.

Inkspot Workshop said...

They really are best friends, just love that look on their little faces:) Thanks for sharing.