Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The OC Mud Run is coming!

Last year I watched my son and his friends compete in a mud run. It looked like so much fun that I decided I would like to try it. So when I heard about the OC Mud Run coming to Irvine I was so excited! Trying to put together a

San Diego Mud Run 2008
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team of 4 has been a challenge...but I'm determined to find my final teammate!
As my friends dropped out one by one with some excuse, I decided to use the power of Twitter to find "tweetmates". So far, I've found 2 total strangers, as crazy as me, that are willing to get down and dirty in this 5K. Now I'm on the final quest for that last fun and adventureous person to complete my "Team Tweet". I promise it will be a day you will never forget, plus you'll get a cool handmade team shirt from me, plus more surprises! Visit http://www.ocmudrun.com/ to check out the details, then leave a comment if you'd like the final spot! ( did I mention that some former Survivor contestants will be there?)


elsiee said...

you are a WILD woman!! I would have been your friend who completely ignored your suggestion to mudrun with you!

Obviously you're going to have a BLAST!! Enjoy!

Dana said...

Hi Have you found your last team mate??? I am looking for a team you can find me at ...


Thanks write me!

Wes said...

found your last team mate yet?




Smashgirl said...

As of date I now am about to do my third mud run...I'm addicted! With so many mud runs popping up in Orange County it may be hard to chose which one to do for the newbies. Here's my advice. Don't do the OC Mud Run...it was horribly run, disorganized, the course was dangerous...I could go on about this one...search for it and you'll see some other opinions. They have moved the course I'm sure because of all of the problems they have had. Do run the www.irvinelakemudrun.com I also ran this race in Oct.(it was their first race) and it was very organized, fun, safe, and beautiful! I will be there again on April 10th!