Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Daddy bought me a horse!

Every girl's dream is to have a horse of their very own and my Daddy made that dream come true...and for that Dad, I thank you! Look at me...4 years old sitting atop my beloved Dandy Patch...the envy of all my friends. Now you may be thinking that I was a spoiled little brat whose Dad forked out a bundle of cash for this horse. You are WRONG!!! Will you believe me when I tell you that my Dad paid $2.00 for this dandy horse? True...he bought a raffle ticket from a friend and won this horse I'm sitting atop! I used this picture to make a card for my Dad for Father's Day. While talking to him on the phone, he reminded me what a crazy horse this was that bucked and wouldn't cross the railroad tracks near the stables. I didn't care...he was my Dad was a hero...and I'll forever be able to tell anyone that cares to listen, "My Dad's the best because he bought me a horse!" Happy Father's Day!


Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you, I found you by clicking on "Etsy" as common interest.

I would love it if you would come by my blog and "dish" as to which etsy-seller's stuff is heart-at-first-sight for you here:

Have a lovely week,

GeminiMoonMosaics said...

Cutest pic ever! And what a wonderful story behind it. ♥

The Jul-Ree Box said...

That is the CUTEST story ever! Thanks for sharing! Hope all is going well with you and your shops!


SoggyCereal said...

aww. good for you! you got the Im-gonna-buy-my-kid-a-horse dad. I got the run-away-from-responsibility dad.. sad. LOL

Really touching story though. :)

~ manish ~ said...

that is something really sweet!!! I think it's girls who are more attached to their dads than boys. But for every kid, their dad is surely a hero; they trust him to catch them every time he throws u up in the air...

Belated Father's Day wishes..


Anonymous said...

Huh?! I must admit I spammed you with my first comment there...

Huhhhhh?!! $2.00, wow, what a lucky ticket :)

I wish I had your dad, then I would have had a horse...oh well.

Have a lovely day,