Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Grass is Greener...the air is cleaner.

The green green grass of my home has a new! I've taken over the chore of mowing the lawn. My first attempt at starting the mower was enough to make me rip all the grass out. Twenty minutes later with sweat dripping down my face I was finally successful and heard the "beast " roar. I eventually would get the technique perfected and be able to start the mower with a single pull. The "beast" could cut grass well, but the noise pollution and air pollution that spewed out really bothered me. That's when my quest to find an eco-friendly replacement began.
Electric mowers seemed to be a good alternative, but the annoyance of the cord seemed to be an issue. I remembered my Mom using a push mower for our yard, did they still make those I wondered?
I researched and found the one I wanted...Scott's Classic Reel Mower. It had great reviews and I watched a 6 min. video of a small woman mowing her lawn. I was sold!

After a simple assembly of the we went for a test drive. My gas mower had conked out halfway through so now Scott (that's what I call him) had the job of tackling the mohawk that Mr. Rootin'-Tootin'-Pollutin' had left behind. It was now pitch dark but my son and I were determined to get er' done, so under the glow of the cellphone we mowed. I didn't really get a good look at the job Scott did until the morning after. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was cut perfectly and matched the noisy dude's work.
So if you're thinking of finding ways to go green in your life, and you have a small yard...then I highly recommend finding a Scott of your own. It is easy to push, easier to turn, and I just can't get enough of that whirling sound it makes as your push your way along!


Bear Chick said...

Wow, that brings me back!! I used a pushed mower as a kid. You're right, the gas mowers are a pain to start and really not good for the environment. You're starting a trend!

Smashgirl said...

I hope that people will follow, I am the only one that I know of in my neighborhood that has neighbor does use an electric mower which is good too. I think that most people assume that it's harder to use a push mower when in fact my 12 year old can easily mow the grass, and wants to!

Allison said...

Hey I enjoy your article – super effort!

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