Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dog Blog

The weather this week was so nice that I had to spend some good quality time with my dog enjoying the sunshine! Buster and his gal pal Nikko enjoyed it too!
We made a stop at Buster's favorite spot where he could sniff the wonderful park smells. Buster is an older gentlemen (he's turning eight soon) and Nikko is still a young pup. He adores her!

I almost joined the gym this month, but I've decided that it's not for me. Why do I want to work out in a sweaty, crowded building when I can walk my dog and enjoy the beautiful ocean views!
I didn't start any new projects this week, but I have lots of fresh ideas. Hmmm...could Buster be the inspiration for what's coming next? Stay tuned to find out!
"Hey Buster, how do you keep your teeth so white?"

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