Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rock Hounds

I'm a complete freak about rocks! I remember collecting buckets of rocks when I was little. I asked for a rock polisher for Christmas every year. It never came. My kids did get one though. We hooked it up, put in our rocks and turned it on. Now I realize why my parents never bought me one. Two weeks of constant tumbling noise is not a pleasant thing!
I still have a love for rocks. I love to take my kids to the tide pools and explore. Sometimes we find a beautiful seastar among the rocks. This was my inspiration for creating "rock star". I've had the wooden starfish hanging around for a few years. I had planned on making it into a mosaic piece with stained glass or tessarae. Using pebbles gave it a more natural look, and added so much texture. I'm working on a new project using pebbles. It's been a fun new medium to play with!


handmade julz said...

What a beautiful creation! And a great idea for using the pebbles ;)

Tammy said...

Love your rock star! Very cute!

Lavoguette said...

Very original creations !