Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chess with the Champ

Chess with the Champ
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Recently my 10 year old son had joined an after school chess club. He was already a very good player and now that the club has ended, and he's taken home the first place trophy in the tournament he can kick my butt!!!
I've always loved to play board games, I played many games of Chess with my brother growing up. I love the classics! Risk, Monopoly, Trouble, Sorry...I could go on forever!
The days have been warm and sunny so we've taken the Chess board onto the patio. The whole game, I always have to make defensive plays to save my King. I never get the chance to get him in a Check!
In the end the final word always comes from him..."Checkmate"!


Eileen said...

Smashigirl, I love the look of your blog! My six year old just joined a chess club too and he loves it.


XUE said...

my 10 & 8 yr olds are still playing chess & other board games too. I'm so grateful for that since almost evryone we know, owe a WII &/or Playstation - & we don't!