Friday, April 4, 2008

Thinking of Hawaii

Here's my latest WIP (work in progress). I'm getting ready to grout it today and can't wait to see the finished results!
I spent a week in Kauai last summer alone with my husband. We took a zodiac boat tour on the Napali Coast. It is one of the world's most spectacular places. As we cruised along the coast, friendly dolphins came up to our boat. We landed at a beach and snorkeled in the warm ocean waters. Well, I guess I'll have to save up those miles and make another trip soon!
Until then, I'll just use my island memories to create some Hawaiian inspired art!


StudioFresca said...

Heloha SmashGirl!

LOVE this mosaic! I've been thinking about Hawaii a lot lately, too — it's still snowing and too cold to go outside to grout so I have been yearning for my studio (and the balmy breezes) on Kauai.

Your mosaic caught my attention on Flickr due to the theme and the fun way you did it — and then I followed the link to your blog — and then I realized I recognized your name (and work!) from Etsy.

There seems to be a bit of synchronousity in our earthly wanderings — or at least the wanderings of our work! Not only did I run into one of your mosaics on display at my favorite coffee shop here in Vermont, but you visited Kauai, where I live and work for part of the year. Sounds like you did all the best things on the island. So glad you enjoyed it!


Smashgirl said...

Aloha studio!
It's so nice to hear from you again! I have a feeling we are meant to meet one day...Hawaii, Vermont, or California???
Kauai was amazing, thought about moving there-maybe some day.
I hope spring comes soon so you can grout, you fish are amazing!
Thanks for dropping by, and convo me anytime.

Do Mosaics said...

Smashgirl. I love your blog and great thoughts about mosaics.
This piece took me back to Hawaii. Been there 4 times and can't get back there soon enough. Talk about serenity at its best !