Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Cool Blogs from Cool People"

I enjoyed sharing cool blogs so much last week that I am now going to be doing this weekly on Thursdays! I put the word out in the Etsy forums and now have soooo many cool blogs to choose from. Here are this week's cool blogs:

StarryDeborah's blog caught my eye when she mentioned being part of a charity event for children's cancer. It's so hard to watch anyone you love go through a battle with cancer, but I can't imagine having to watch a child deal with it. Deborah took part in the making of an altered book project that will be put up for auction to help raise money for children with cancer. Follow the link in her post to read the touching story behind the book, it will make you hug your kids tight!
Deborah you are one cool woman! Oh, and I love the music on your blog too! Also check out her post, "I've got the Paris Blues" about the city that stole my heart.

Get Palmd is a fun blog to read that's written by a 20 year old girl from Finland. Her blog is filled with hip fashion finds and other random bits from Europe. I was amazed to read about so many American subjects on her blog. Obama for president was a surprise, and "Wanna Be a TV Star?" lets me know that all of the junky reality shows I'm so addictted to are appealing to the Finnish too! The Amazing Race is on my Yes list too!


Piggy said...

Great article! I love reading blogs :) Keep those finds coming!

starrynightimpressions said...

Hey Smashgirl,
Thank you for the wonderful surprise of putting me in your cool blogs post!!
It's always so thrilling to meet like minded people in wonderful blog world.

Cindy said...

It was fun to see who you would pick first. Nice pickings! Thanks for sharing them. Enjoy your weekend!