Monday, December 7, 2009

My Etsy Pick of the Day Recap

Any of these lovely handmade items would make a
wonderful, unique gift!

Yawn...I am definitely a sleepyhead in the morning before my coffee!

Never lose another pan at a potluck
I originally picked "Granny wants her pan back"
but it has sold out, but this one is just as fun!
Personalized 9x13 inch Baking Dish by sassyinteriors

It's a Bikini, it's a Dish's darn cute!

Dish Cloth Bikini Gag Gift by beesugarpie

Nothing says loviin' like the Double Double at In-n-Out Burger!

Cheeseburger Diagram Tea Towels by girlscantell
Admit it...this is what you were thinking as the family invaded your house this Thanksgiving

My Family is a Freak Show Without the Tent Pin by TheAngryRobot

Super cool as a necklace...totally off-the-hook as a mask...

I'm a Dirty Hipster Mask/Necklace by PunchDrunkPrincess

Add some unique style to your home with this

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