Monday, January 11, 2010

What time is it? Who cares!

I woke up the first morning of my vacation wondering what time it was...I glanced around the bedroom looking for a clock. I got up, went into the kitchen of my beautiful Costa Rican beach house rental...nothing. I surveyed the entire place, alas not a single thing telling me what time it was.
That was the only day I thought about the didn't matter. I awoke when my body naturally felt like it. I ate when I was hungry. I stopped wearing makeup, let my hair go curly, and it was freeing.
I read a whole book...swam in the ocean...played solitare.
Watched my kids open coconuts, my husband surf, and the pelicans dive. Then I set my watch to "Tico Time". (Ticos are what the Costa Ricans call themselves). My day was measured by the low and high tide. The man selling fresh, cold coconut milk on his bike. The"Fishman" who came by each day with his fresh catch. The woman with the two small white dogs with their matching green frisbees. Kahlina, the german shepard who stopped by each day to visit me on my beach towel. The sun setting, and the wine opening.Then I came home and counted the clocks in my house...eleven.
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Creative Ideas said...

I'd have to say, that is a sign! For once, you were meant to just relax and live life for at least a day! Maybe stop to remember to live, w/o the concept of time to control your life.