Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Gift of a Random Act of Kindness

Ever had one of "those days"? A few weeks ago I was having a terrible day...personal issues, and I was at Trader Joe's picking up a few things...wine, chocolate, etc. The cashier asked me how my day was and I responded, "Not good". He said oh, ok...let's try this again. How was your weekend? I responded, "Pretty crazy". He said oh, I'm sorry. We all have days like that. I hope it gets better. I paid for my groceries and he handed me my reciept, and a bouquet of flowers.
This Random Act of Kindess (RAOK) from a stranger turned my day around. It gave me hope that there are kind people out there. I decided that he was my angel.
After tweeting about the kind gesture, I received a reply back from @UOWHO, telling me to pay it forward, and that's how I came to learn about this wonderful company that makes these bracelets.
The idea behind them is to wear one, do something nice for someone, punch out one of the 10 tabs and pass the bracelet on to the recipient. Then they do the same, and so on...and so on... and in the end it will make 10 happier people on earth!
When I received my bracelet I wore it daily for over a week. I wanted to make sure my RAOK was a heartfelt one. The bracelet made me aware of strangers around me and I kept searching for the perfect person to pass it on to.
Back at Trader Joe's again...more wine, more chocolate...and I spotted some beautiful yellow daffodils in a woman's cart. Daffodils were one of my Mom's favorite springtime flowers. She used to get so excited after a cold snowy winter in Utah to see the first sign of spring poking up from the ground. My Mom's birthday had just passed, she would've been 75 this year, and I wanted a part of her in this process. She was the most generous soul I've ever met...so Daffodils were going to be my gift to someone.
Who??? Hmmm....had to be the perfect person, who didn't expect it. Now at my car loading my groceries, Daffodils in hand...I'm scanning the parking lot. There she was. A Mom, getting out of her SUV with two little boys on a Friday afternoon. I'm a mother of two boys also, so I know how hectic your days can be. She would be the next owner of the bracelet I decided.
She was surprised, and pleased and loved the whole concept of the bracelet. I'm sure she'll pass it on, if she hasn't already. I drove away feeling happy for her...and happier myself. Daffodils are a sign of hope that brighter days are ahead.


Jasper said...

Awww - that's a nice story! I hope your mum will tell her story in turn. Its by telling our stories that we inspire others to take action. Every little act of kindness can make a profound difference to the world. If enough of us participate, think what a difference that will make!

Anyone can take part - just buy yourself one of our multi-color 8-packs at http://uowho.com/buy-now.html and you will soon be starting your own ripples - who knows where your bracelet will end up!

Thanks for posting your story!
Jasper - Social media dude for UOWHO.COM

elsiee said...

I LOVE your story and this concept! I am contemplating getting my own multi-color 8 pack of bands!

thanks for sharing

Smashgirl said...

That's wonderful elsiee! It's a wonderful experience to remind us to be kind to each other:)

Gloria Ives said...

6 degrees of separation --where might that kindness get passed?

Lydia said...

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