Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stella is a dummy!

See, she really is a dummy. A dummy that belongs to Julia and Marie the mother- daughter team from TheJulReeBox shop on Etsy. I stumbled across their forum post the other day titled, "Name That Dummy". I just had to go check it out! Here's what it said:

Enter to win beautiful Double Jasper Earrings!! Name our display girl. She has been called: Hortense, Mindless Chick, Sha-Goon-Da-La, Hey You, Brainless Dummy, Face-Less Wonder, Invisible Man, Not Another Pretty Face, Etc., Etc., .... but we want to do her proud. We will choose her new name from the first hundred applicants. Come join the fun! Convo us your entry or go through the forum/promotions under NAME THAT DUMMY!!

She looked like a Stella to me, so I entered my pick and I won! I just love their sense of humor! Stella looks like a million bucks, don't you think?
Here are my two favorite picks from their shop:

I love the bright bold colors of the "Ole" necklace! So spicy!
The "Blue-Green Sea" bracelet is perfect for a beachy girl like me. I love bracelets that have lots of movement and the colors are so pretty! Both are available for sale in their Etsy shop, The JulReeBox.
Thanks ladies and have fun with Stella!


BabyLyons said...

Congrats! She really does look like a Stella, lol

The Jul-Ree Box said...

Smashgirl! YOU ROCK! Because of you, Stella has a voice (and a face)! THANK YOU THANK YOU! We're so glad you won and what a sweetheart you are to promote our shop. Wow. God bless!! Julia & Marie

Paper Girl Productions said...

Yes, Stella suits her!