Friday, December 26, 2008

Cool Blogs From Cool People Final 2008 Edition!

Wow, the year is ending quickly here are my final picks for 2008!

Scarfmonsters blog is really cool, lots of pictures with brief stories and varied topics make this my first cool pick of the week. If you have an Etsy shop and haven't heard of Featsy yet, then you must read about it on her blog! It's the next best thing to Majaba! A cool new tool to find out if you've been featured in the gift guides or front page. Another cool discovery is the Redbox. Read, Oooh-lala to learn more about renting your favorite DVD for only a buck! I use it all the time it's great! Her ipod holder are really cool too!

If you're into celebrity gossip then you'll enjoy The Real Estalker's blog. I shamefully admit to watching The Orange County Housewives , hey I do live in Orange County and like to see what the housewives are doing for our image. You can take an online virtual open house tour and see what the asking price is for their homes. Read Calvin Klein wants to do his part to Stimulate the Economy he's planning on doing a demo on his $30 million dollar mansion to build a new one? Wow! Cool! Did you know you can rent Tony Danza's ski house? Fantasia from American Idol is in foreclosure? These are just a few of the interesting and cool blog posts!


Scarfmonsters said...

This was so nice of you! :)

Anonymous said...

Etsy Greetings!

adelina said...

so cool...maches the button skirt i it

adelina said...

so cool...matches the button skirt i made, love it ,go frog