Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cool Blogs From Cool People

Happy December, time for more cool blogs!

"my blog is cool. and corny" it said on my forum post...I have to agree that WendiWinn is right! I love corny...give me Bill Murray or Will Ferrell anyday, I guess I have a corny sense of humor.
"Toesocks" are cool and they're making a comeback, read what Wendi thinks of them. I can still remember my pair from the 70's...rainbow colored...I didn't really like the way they felt but I did think they were cool!
"Gingerbread House" is a blog post I could relate to, I've bought the kit and had similar results. They make it look so easy on the box! Speaking of the 70's, my best friend's mom had this amazing Gingerbread House that she brought out each year...I always wanted to eat that thing but it was covered in shellac! Check out Wendi's sidebar where you can click on the chicken legs for her "post pick of the month". I did this after making my picks...she what she chose.

My next pick is smacthoughts a really cool blog with this amazing photograph that drew me in.
(no not the one with the creepy doll!) Click on the link! "Better Days Ahead" could be me and my husband in another 30 years or so. Make sure to click on the photo to read the story behind the shot. I love playing the blog tag game, you know list 7 random things about I really love SmacThoughts post "7 more Random things about me" , I think she's on the hit list for tagging! I have to admit the picture really creeped me out!
Check out this cool shot she took called "Twin Time"!


sMacThoughts said...

Wow, you make me look good. Thank you for the honor! :D

w said...

thanks so much for the feature! i totally didn't think i'd get featured on your blog... only because i fibbed in your forum thread.

though my blog is quite cool, i am not. that's where the corny part comes in.

but now... i feel so cool. and loved. and popular. and darn. i just hit corny again, didn't i?

Agent M. said...

"(no not the one with the creepy doll!)"

---oops, that's the picture that drew me in... with its' creepiness; dolls are scary.

This is a neat idea, and a nice way to promote others. Cool!

Good Dirt Jewelry said...

Love your work and blog!

Smashgirl said...

Thanks so much!