Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Memories of my Mom

March 11th is quickly approaching and I'm filled with joy...my first born son is turning 15...and sadness because my Mom would've been 74. It's been over 5 years since she lost her life to lung cancer and I do think time does heal a lot of the pain, but I still have a hard time dealing with her birthday. I treasure the memories I have of her and cherish her things that I keep tucked away.
One of my favorite things is her charm bracelet. Each time I hold it I can hear her voice telling me when I was a little girl about each charm and the significance of each one. I also have her wedding band that she wore for over 40 years.

And tucked away in a little box I have a tiny piece of her. .. a lock of her baby hair tied with a tiny piece of satin ribbon that her mother had saved. A story that my Mom told me over and over...one of my favorites...was about her Mom cutting off her long hair when she was 11. It was very traumatic for her since she had long hair her whole childhood. My grandmother was tired of hearing her whine while brushing the tangles out, so one day she braided her hair, tied the ends with some pale blue ribbon and proceeded to chop them off! My Mom saved those braids in a box her whole life...and never grew her hair out again. When my Mom was in her final days her urgent wish was for me to find those braids so she could send them to Locks of Love. I did find them after a frantic search through her house and I sometimes wonder what little girl is wearing the wig made from my Mom's braids and wish she knew how special and loved that hair was. My Mom was a special woman, always thinking of others even till the end of her life. Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!


Cindy said...

So sorry to read about your mom being gone. But you do have wonderful things to remember her with. I think that is neat she wanted to give her hair to Locks of Love. Your mom does sound like an amazing women.

Derya said...

I read your post with tears in my eyes.. I'm sorry about your beautiful mom. (((hugs)))

Susan said...

I know intimately the feelings you have.I lost my mother 2 years ago and I pull out her jewelry too just to remember her wearing them. She had a joyful childlike spirit and loved to dress up. And while time does dull the pain a little, I will never stop missing my mother.
Happy Birthday to your MOM.
On a happier note, I will now peruse your lovely creations.

Smashgirl said...

Thanks so much everyone for your heartfelt comments, it means so much to me.

I'm sorry to hear about your loss Susan, I hope that as time passes the tears will be replaced by smiles when you remember your Mom:)

My Mom was an amazing woman and looked at life in a positive way...a true inspiration for me:)

Michele said...

Hi Smashgirl - I've visited your blog several times but don't believe I've ever left a comment. I just HAD to today. My mother died of lung cancer as well... 7 years ago. And this coming April 1st she would have been 74 as well AND my son will be 26 on that same day. So many coincidences! I treasure my mother's things as well. I know you're missing her, especiall today but hope you're celebrating big with your son.

Smashgirl said...

Wow, I am blown away by our coincidences! I'm so glad you left a comment, maybe we are soul sisters. Are you sitting down? Here's another one for you...MY name is Michelle! I look forward to reading your blog too! Thanks for the nice comments:)

Raven said...

So very sorry about yer mum...and I know the feeling as well. :(
I lost my little brother in 1990 in a hit and run accident {he was only 15}. The pain never ever goes away.
...Just know that she is ALWAYS with you and welcome the chance to remember her as often as you can. xxx

Hello there! My name is June said...

Your post about the memories of your mom has me tearing up...and makes me wonder what my children will remember most fondly of our special times together. Your mom really did a most wonderful thing donating her hair... locks of love mean so much to the patients who are fighting cancer...especially children. I can tell your mom was a very special lady. Take care!


dragonflydreamer said...

I just found your blog and was drawn to this post. I am so sorry for the loss of your Mom. This was a beautiful tribute to such a wonderful woman. How amazing she was thinking about donating the hair she had cherished her whole life to locks of love. So beautiful that you saved a lock. A woman like your Mom is never gone, she is with you always in your heart and every beautiful moment or action. Thank you for sharing such beautiful memories