Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spreading my wings

Spring has a certain energy about it...time for new life in the animal kingdom, new blossoms in the garden and a new shop for me! I've been eyeing 1000 markets for awhile and have been thinking about putting my art in another handmade venue. I adore Etsy and love being a part of it but sometimes I feel that my shop gets lost in the crowd. 1000 markets has a different feel to it, like a small town vs. a large city. Each individual market is unique and original. The photo layout is nice on the eyes, and the people are welcoming. One of my favorite features is "the wall" where you can post comments. I also have a blog in my shop where I'll be posting, so take a stroll on over and say hello!


Good Dirt Jewelry said...

I know exactly what you mean! There is such a tremendous feeling of support at 1km, unlike at Etsy where there is a gloomy feeling of impending doom and angst! LOL

Michele said...

I had never heard of 1000 markets so thank you for sharing this. I still have not set up an Etsy shop but it was on my long to-do list... thank you for giving me a second option.