Monday, March 30, 2009

Smashgirl goes to Sarah's Smash Shack

I just spent the day in San Diego celebrating my birthday with my friends. We took the Amtrak down from the OC and had a fun day eating lunch and shopping together. A couple of my friends had to catch an earlier train home so Debbie and I went on the hunt for Sarah's Smash Shack. I had heard about this place from one of my mosaic friends and thought it would be a perfect ending to my day of celebration. Smashing things? Right up my alley! When you first arrive you're given a menu of plates and dishes. After picking your items to smash, Sarah gets you suited up in protective gear...a really cute red jumpsuit, work gloves and the best part the menacing looking full face shield! We didn't have our ipods with us so Sarah picked some smashing music for us and we entered our room. Bold black and white checkered walls, us in our red suits and helmets, and rocking music playing...we were giddy! We had picked these pretty little ceramic heart dishes and were given sharpies to write on them...very fun! This would be a perfect place to come after a bad breakup!
Sarah and Ed, owner's of Sarah's Smash Shack

Debbie bought the souvenior box for our broken hearts and Sarah and Ed kindly donated a box of broken shards to me which I proudly carried home. I can't wait to make something with them! So if you're ever in the San Diego area don't miss Sarah's Smash Shack, and don't forget to tell her smashgirl sent you! Will there be more smash shacks in the future? I hope so...and Sarah if you decide to open one in the OC and need an experienced "smasher" to work there I think I'd be perfect for the job!


Dirt. said...

how fun! looks like you had a great time. and what's not to love about scoring a new box of shards?!

Michele said...

As my sister always says when we discover something cool like this... "why didn't we think of that?!?" Happy Belated Birthday!

Smashgirl said...

so true Michele! They even have a new mobile "smashroom" for parties, how cool is that?